3. Demo lesson

When you receive the confirmation e-mail that you passed the Interview, you will now be able to book a demo Lesson.

The demo lesson is approximately 30 minutes long.
You will conduct only 1 demo lessons in the classroom.
The Demo lesson is 25 minutes.

1. Demo Lesson Flow:

Demo : Introduction(Intro template) + Lesson(UNIT 32 Animal Noses) + English Game by screen share

2. Guideline for classroom tools and evaluation standard(Must read All):

Please read our manual thoroughly and fully understand the points for the demo lesson.

We strongly recommend that you join the demo lesson classroom and practice navigating the whiteboard and tools around 30 minutes prior to your demo lesson.

Once you join, please click “start class” button and navigate tools and practice your demo until the evaluator comes on time

Once the evaluator joins the classroom, you need to start the lesson immediately.
Furthermore, you need to check the time by yourself(25 minutes). Make sure you do not go over 25 minutes. 


3. If You Need To Reschedule:

Go to your account dashboard and click on the re-schedule icon to re-quest a re-schedule.
How to reschedule it? Click Here

4. How To Know my demo lesson Results? 

Check your account dashboard. The results will be out within 2-5 business days; it will be shown in your bookings.
If you pass, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the next step. 
If you fail, unfortunately, you will not be receiving an e-mail anymore.

NOTE: You will see your results in the account dashboard whether you pass or fail.