2. Interview

You will be asked to make an account in order for you to be able to book an interview.
Make an account – Click Here

Once you get to the account dashboard, you may book your schedule for an interview.

1. Instructions will also be available on the booking menu.
2. The interview room link will be sent to you a day before your schedule
*If your schedule is on a Monday, you will receive it either on Friday or Monday afternoon).
3. Be on time.

NOTE: Test your internet before your schedule (30 minutes or less).

Make sure the results are at least 10mbps for both upload and download and you are required to use a wired connection. Wifi is not allowed (If you don’t have a wired connection yet, then you have to re-schedule). Paste the speedtest link on the interview classroom chatbox.
How to test my Internet? Click Here

If you need to reschedule:

Go to your account dashboard and click on the re-schedule icon to re-quest a re-schedule.
How to reschedule it? Click Here

How to know my interview results? 

Check your account dashboard. The results will be out within 1-2 business days; it will be shown in your bookings.

If you pass, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the next step. 

If you fail, unfortunately, you will not be receiving an e-mail anymore. 

NOTE: You will see your results in the account dashboard whether you pass or fail.