3.4. How To Have A Successful Demo

We are sharing our demo evaluation standards.
If you meet these standards, you can pass our demo easily.
Kindly review them well and apply accordingly in your demo lesson.

A. For the 25-minute demo, [you don’t have to finish the entire lesson material]
– You can teach only 2-3 pages as long as you teach delicately and in full details.
– We value teaching quality over quantity.

B. 25Hoon English classes are [speaking-based classes]
– Let your student speak in class.
NOTE: Observe 70% student and 30% teacher speaking rule.

C. Ask your student [comprehension check questions] to make sure they understood what you discussed in class.

D. For the junior demo, make sure you [deliver a fun and interactive class]
– Balance using lesson material and interacting with the student.
– Avoid having “boring” classes where only the teacher is speaking without checking
student’s comprehension, and without providing interactive activities for the kids.

E. [Correction on the whiteboard]
– Always correct the student’s mistakes and mispronunciations and provide the correction by writing it on the material.
– Do not use the chatbox for corrections. Always put the annotations on the material/whiteboard.

F. Guide the students in [speaking in full sentences]

G. [Use the built-in classroom reward system] instead of using physical props.
– Students find physical props distracting, it’s better to use virtual rewards.

H. Use the [Classroom Tools effectively]
– Do not use manual pen handwriting. Use the Text Tool instead.
– Highlight with lines, shapes, or arrow features.
– Make sure you highlight properly and neatly.

I. [English game feature for 2nd demo]
– Please acknowledge how to use English game in the classroom and play with your demo student and promise them we will play a game if they participate in class well

J. [Allot time for review] before ending the 25-minute demo session
– 2-3 minutes is advisable for this part

When ending the class, it is necessary to wrap-up the lesson well and say goodbye
properly to the student.
After the demo, the evaluator will discuss some things with you before ending the