9. Violation Rule

9. Violation Rule

This article discusses serious violations and its subsequent penalties. Breach of service contract, failure to comply, and actions listed on the critical ban are regarded as violations. Teachers are expected to read and understand the rules and policies completely before conducting classes. Please contact your Teacher Support for more information.

The actions enumerated below may be subject to IMMEDIATE TERMINATION,
especially if it can cause damage to the company’s image.

System related violations

– Conducting lessons on behalf of another teacher.
– Conducting classes using other devices (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) aside from a laptop/desktop computer.
– Conducting lessons without using a webcam.
– Conducting classes in a public place.
– Submitting fake/obsolete speed test results, documents, or proof
– Creating fake student accounts.

Teacher conduct related violations

– Contacting students outside of the lesson time
– Arguing and sending negative messages to students.
– Meeting students in person.
– Inappropriate behavior during the class.
– Expressing dissatisfaction, talking unprofessionally, and arguing with the student.
– Ending the lesson ahead of schedule.
– Acting rudely towards staff members.
– Using or checking mobile phone when conducting lessons.
– Talking with a 3rd party when conducting lessons.

Privacy related violations

– Sharing students’ private information on any medium outside class.
– Sharing any private information about the student on social networks such as Facebook, LINE, etc.
– Connecting with a student via social networks such as Facebook, LINE, etc. 
– Discussing or revealing any private information about 25Hoon English policies, rules, salary, and guidelines to your student.

To avoid these violations:

– Teachers should be polite and helpful to the students at all times but they should also keep a respectful distance from them  to avoid overfamiliarity.

– Some of the students may not be comfortable being asked personal questions like age, status, religion, etc. Always start asking questions with, “Do you mind if I ask?” It is advisable that teachers make their students feel relaxed and comfortable first before asking them personal questions.

– The personal information of a student is confidential and must remain private at all times. Avoid taking pictures of students and/or posting any documents or files that show the students’ information without the company’s consent on any platform.

– The company maintains moral decency and good conduct. Always respect the students and show good manners to them.

– If in case the student wants to give gifts or cards to his/her teacher, the teacher should politely refuse.

– If the student will visit the teacher’s country and asks to meet the teacher, please politely refuse.