8. Special Scenarios

Here are instructions on what to do if a special scenario happens:

Consecutive classes

If one student books consecutive classes, the teacher and student should join the designated classroom link for each lesson. Otherwise, after 25 minutes, the classroom will automatically close.

Audio-only or chat box lessons

Audio-only or chat box lessons may be conducted if a student will request it.

Proofreading documents or homework assistance

If a student asks the teacher to proofread a document, the teacher may decline. The teacher may also accept as long as the document is not related to any official business (ex: certificates, contracts, etc.). The same applies with homework, school projects, essays, and other similar requests. The teacher should always inform the student that proofreading quality is not guaranteed.

Classes in another language

If a student requests to conduct a lesson in another language, the teacher may accept, as long as they are able. It is not encouraged to use the student’s native language, but can be allowed if the student is a beginner and the teacher is able. However, the teacher must inform that lesson quality is not guaranteed as 25Hoon only provides English tutoring services.

Sensitive topics

It is discouraged to talk about sensitive topics like sex, politics, religion, money-related affairs, and other similar matters in class. If a student insists on discussing these kinds of topics, the teacher should remain neutral.

Group lessons or account sharing

Teachers are not allowed to conduct group lessons. Students are also not allowed to share their accounts with others. If the teacher can see more than one student in the class or if the account is being shared by someone else other than the registrant, the teacher must quickly inform them that they are violating account sharing policy. It should also be reported to Teacher Support immediately. If the student does not understand the instructions, the teacher may proceed with the class only once. They must report it after. To report, the teacher must send the course link, a screenshot of the class, and a short description of what happened to Teacher Support. If the violation is confirmed, the student can be warned or their account may be terminated. Children who are 12 years old and below are allowed to have a parent supervising their class.

Unresponsive students

If a student falls asleep during class or if they are being unresponsive, the teacher must stay until the end of the class. The teacher must make sure the student is not responding anymore before leaving the class, making use of the chat box as well. This class cannot be marked as “No show”. In the event of a bad rating from the student, this can be seen as not handling the situation properly.

Inappropriate behavior from students

If a student is behaving inappropriately, the teacher must report it as soon as possible. To report, the teacher must send the course link and a screenshot to Teacher Support.

Contacting students in person case

If your student ask about your contact continuously, you have to deny the student’s request.
Teachers are not allowed to contact students outside of the classroom, especially for romantic purposes. Doing so will be grounds for violation.  And please report to Teacher Support through teacher’s dashboard.

If the problem is not solved, please report to Teacher Support through teacher’s dashboard.

To report, submit proof of your speed test result as well. Our tech support team will check on the issue.