7. Scheduling

Probationary Period for New Teachers

For newly-hired teachers = 2 weeks probationary period
All newly-hired teachers are given a two-week probationary period wherein they are only allowed to open a maximum of 4 slots a day (total of 2 hours/day) and open slots during the evening (peak hours).
After the probationary period, they can already open up to 10 hours a day.

Weekly Schedule Submission

In case of missing submission of schedule = 1 week probationary period

If a teacher fails to submit a schedule for an entire week, they will only be able to open 4 slots a day (2 hours/day) the week after that.

For example:

Teacher A does submit a schedule for the 4th week of August  (August 24-30), therefore, Teacher A will only be able to open a maximum of 2 hours/day on the 1st week of September (August 31-September 4).


* Next week schedule should be submitted by 12:00NN every Friday.
* Make sure that the dates (and time) that you input are all correct.

Once you submit your schedule, you cannot edit it again.

If you really need to change or cancel it, then, there are 2 ways to request:
1. Advance notice penalty ($0.3)
2. Penalty Exemption (Major emergencies)

* If a teacher does NOT respond to the Teacher Support Team or fail to submit a schedule for 4 consecutive weeks, they will be subject to an automatic termination.
* If you would like to hold your account, please contact Teacher Support and discuss.
* If they respond to the Teacher Support Team on the 5th week, they have to re-apply if they want to continue working for the company.