6. Valid & Invalid Cases

What are valid cases and invalid cases?

In order to be accepted as valid cases, the reasons should fall under our list and corresponding documents should be submitted.

Documents that are accepted as ‘Valid’:
1. Doctor’s Prescription
2. Medical certificate
3. Death Certificate
4. Hospitalization Admission Bill
5. ISP downtime official announcement from verified sources
6. Power outage official announcement from verified sources

Invalid documents
1. Receipt from the pharmacy only
2. Computer repair (Computer issue is not a valid reason)
3. Status of Router
4. No your name on prescription and medical certificate and other documents.
5. Wrong date in the document.
6. Fabricated documents (Immediate termination and outstanding salary with not be released)

Not considered as valid reasons for penalty exemptions:
1. Personal affairs such as meetings, appointments, religious activities
2. Minor sickness (feeling bad, uncomfortable, bad mood)
3. Computer issues (software updates, camera, headset and etc..)
4. ISP, Power outages (if you don’t have proof)

Period for submission of documents to have penalty reduction or exemption:
A. Minor cases (Up to 7 days submission)
B. ISP (Up to 7 days submission)
C. Power outage (Up to 7 days submission)
D. Major cases (Up to 14 days submission)

What are the major cases?
1.Death or immediate hospitalization (Grandparents, parents, siblings, spouse, children)
2. Major accidents

In case of major cases, apart from submitting penalty exemption reports, you can also request a leave of absence for a maximum of 4 weeks. If it exceeds more than 4 weeks, your contract will be automatically terminated, but if you are ready to teach again and want to come back, just contact us; we will arrange terms. We always welcome you to come back.