10. Contract

This article contains information regarding contract signing.

An applicant will receive their contract once the hiring process is completed. The hiring process typically starts after accepting an application, followed by a video interview, a training session, and lastly, a demo class. Once all these steps are finished, the contract signing process will begin.

The contracts will be sent to the applicant through e-mail. If the applicant fails to receive the e-mail, they may request another copy from account@25hoon.com with the subject line: “Contract Copy Request”. Include the provided teacher ID in the e-mail. We will send you the contract within 7 days.

The contract does not have an expiration date, so there is no need for a renewal unless the teacher gets deactivated or wants to reapply after voluntarily terminating the contract.

For other contract and administrative inquiries and concerns, please contact account@25hoon.com for any issues related to signing, receiving, or finding errors in the contract.