2. In the classroom


Once the class starts, the teacher should always start with a warm greeting. Ask about the quality of audio and video, and if they can see the uploaded file on the whiteboard. The classroom should feel like a safe space to learn!

Fulfill student’s request

Student requests can be seen in the booking details. Upload the requested materials. If it is the first time meeting each other, the teacher and the student should exchange brief introductions. Sometimes, they can request for the teacher to correct their pronunciation and grammar frequently, so the teacher should cater to it.

Conducting the lesson

The teacher should naturally transition from greetings to the lesson proper. They should focus on the requested topics. The class should be informative, helpful, and enjoyable. Facilitate the conversation and encourage the student to speak more. Be sensitive with the needs of the student and quickly think of ways to assist them if they are struggling with something. Most importantly, make sure the student is satisfied with what they’ve learned. For any technical difficulties or unexpected situations in class, quickly contact Teacher Support through teacher’s dashboard.

Changing materials

There are instances when a student might find the material too difficult or when the lesson finishes too quickly. The student and teacher can agree to change the study material to fit the needs of the student. The student can ask to change to any material they prefer or the teacher can recommend if they notice that the student is having a hard time. Download the new file from the Materials section in the Teacher’s Dashboard and upload it in class to continue.

End the lesson

The teacher should manage time wisely and, if possible, go through the entire material within 25 minutes.
The class should end naturally and on time. Say goodbye to the student and leave a good impression.
The student should exit the classroom first before the teacher; teachers should guide them in doing so.