1. Before the class

1.How to join the classroom

This article contains the details on how to conduct a class efficiently and successfully.

Check my bookings

Teachers should log in to the Teacher’s Dashboard to check the scheduled bookings and take note of the times and dates of their upcoming classes.

Check Equipment

Prior to the class, teachers must test their equipment such as headset or earphones, internet connection, webcam, and computer settings, as well as their lighting and environment to ensure an uninterrupted class.

Prepare Materials

Teachers should make sure that they have the copy of PDF files and other learning aids that will be used for the lesson.
It is recommended to download all the materials to be prepared for any topic the student’s request.

Internet Test

Teachers should test their internet speed before starting a class to make sure it is stable. To test your internet speed, visit: Speedtest.net and test your speed against a Taipei server (Taipei – Taiwan Mobile is recommended).
The required speed is at least 5Mbps for both upload and download.

Joining the classroom

The teacher can enter a class through the Teacher’s dashboard.
Simply click the arrow icon for the scheduled class located on the right side of the Bookings page.
Teachers are required to join the classroom at least 3 minutes before the schedule. They should check all their equipment and upload the materials in advance before starting the class.