3. Teacher Tardiness

Teachers are required to join the classroom at least 3 minutes before the schedule. They should check all their equipment and upload the materials in advance before starting the class. When the schedule begins, they should be ready to start immediately.

If the teacher does not join the classroom on time, it will be marked as a “Teacher No Show.” or $1 penalty will be charged if you can make up the class immedaitely.
Please do not be late and be always prepared to start the class on time.
Check your bookings as often as you could to prevent missing schedules.

NOTE: If a teacher is late for less than 5 minutes due to some technical issues, they must apologize to the student and allocate more minutes for the class due to tardiness.

For example, if the class starts at 18:03 due to the teacher’s tardiness, teacher can finish the class at 18:28.
If the teacher has next class at 18:30, teacher can finish the class at 18:29 and apologize to the student for being tardy.

Also, this case should be reported immediately to the Teacher Support immediately. Please message us on Skype whenever you are having difficulties in class so we could help you promptly.

NOTE: If you open your schedule but then do not show up in class, the Teacher Support Team will be temporarily disabling your further schedules until you send us a response to our inquiry regarding the reason you were not able to attend your scheduled class.

The Teacher Support Team will be sending teachers an email regarding their sudden absence and schedules would only be reactivated when they respond to the e-mails.