Regular teacher Manual

Being a regular teacher is an opportunity offered by 25Hoon English to Teachers who qualify for the following conditions:

What is the regular teacher job in 25Hoon?

Being a regular teacher is an opportunity offered by 25Hoon English to teachers who qualify for the following conditions:

  1. Regular teachers must commit fixed time slots from Monday to Friday (no weekends required) and the 25Hoon CS will endorse it to potential regulars who fit with the teacher’s schedule and teaching style, and those who can connect with them well.
  2. The fixed schedule should be maintained and cannot be suddenly changed.
  3. If there is a need to change the schedule, or resign, the regular teacher must inform 25Hoon at least 8 weeks before the expected change date; this is to be able to inform your student early and adjust your schedule if possible. If the teacher have day offs or cancellation, the rendering will be extended as day offs.
  4. Regular Teachers should fully understand and abide by the company policies and guidelines as stated in this Regular Teacher’s Manual.
  5. Please read the conditions and clauses carefully for full understanding and to avoid confusion. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding the content, please feel free to reach out to us.


25Hoon English values commitment and quality when it comes to the services we provide. The company also aims to develop mutual trust with its teachers

through hands-on support, considerate policies, proper schedule endorsements, and competitive compensation.

There are 2 type of regular teachers:
1. General Regular Teacher (GR)
2. Advanced Regular Teacher (AR)
3. Leader Regular Teacher (LR)

All policies and rules are the same but hourly rates are different.

1 Salary

General Regular teachers’ starting rate is $8 per hour
Advanced Regular teacher’s starting rate is $8.5 per hour
Leader Regular teacher’s starting rate is $9 per hour

Upon signing the overlapping regular teacher contract, teachers will be receiving this salary instead of the original rate of $8/hour. These rates are a 16% and 33% increase from the starting rate, respectively.

2 Incentives

2.1 Hourly Rate Increase system

This hourly rate increase incentive is given to teachers who have successfully accumulated certain number of required classes; the incentive will continue to increase depending on how many classes they have conducted.

2.1.1 General regular rate

2.1.2 Advanced regular rate

2.1.3 Leader regular rate

If you already reached the GR-Tier 5 ($8.2), and was promoted to an Advanced Regular, we will keep your rate increment and your tier will be transferred to AR-Tier 5 ($8.7) from GR-Tier 5($8.2). You won’t start from AR-Tier 7($8.5) again.

2.2 Monthly Regular Student Bonus

This incentive is given to Regular Teachers who are able to maintain their regular students by the end of each month.

It is computed based on the number of regulars who will continue to have bookings next month; 

This bonus is to motivate teachers to retain your current regular students for a long time.

2.3 Annual Year-End Performance Incentive

Every end of December, the 25Hoon English Office Team will arrange individual meetings with each Regular Teacher and will share and discuss the annual performance summary of the respective teacher.

Based on the regular teacher’s performance, their hourly rate will be increased by an average of $0.3~$0.5 every year.

If you already reached  AR-Tier 5 ($8.7), you will be AR-Tier 5($9.2).

2.4 Separation Pay for regular teachers

The Separation Pay is a bonus to motivate teachers to work with us for a long time, whether it is your main or part-time job.

Regular teachers who have stayed with us for at least 1 year are entitled to a Separation Pay.

This is to show our gratitude for their loyalty and service to us.

We will be counting your length of employment with us and we will be considering them as basis for our new year-end bonus system as well as your Separation Pay should you decide to part ways with us in the future.

This is to assure that we are always trying our best to assure you that we value your time with us and that your loyalty and effort is always appreciated.

Because of this, we are introducing a Separation Pay System wherein the company will deduct and accumulate 6.00% from your monthly payment to give you back as high benefits, when you stop your service here.

Separation Pay:

1 year : 50% of the average monthly salary.
2 years : 150% of the average monthly salary.
3 years : 300% of the average monthly salary.
5 years : 600% of the average monthly salary.
10 years : 1500% of the average monthly salary.
15 years : 2500% of the average monthly salary.
20 years : 3000% of the average monthly salary.

After working with us for 3 years, the Separation Pay will be calculated as amounting to 300% of the average monthly.

Example:  For 38 months of work:

= 38 months of total salary/38 months X 300% = Separation Pay

Example case:

If your average monthly salary is USD500, you can check the amount of your separation pay below. 

Our Separation Pay System is based on a mileage system and we accumulate the amount and provide our long-time teachers a big benefit and pay when they resign to appreciate their loyalty, effort, and overall time with us.

However, to protect the system and make sure it won’t be abused, we will accumulate 6% from your monthly salary and set it aside and save it. If you calculate this and compare it with our separation pay chart, you will see that the amount that will be given to you will be a lot bigger than the accumulated percentage and this big amount will serve as a big benefit especially if you have stayed with us long time. This is our show of gratitude and thanks to our loyal teachers that would be given to them upon their resignation. Through this, we hope that we could support you in drawing a new journey for yourself.

How to count?

As long as you surpass the exact date of your first year working with us, then it’s going to be counted as 1 month even if you quit after a few days.

For example:

If you started working with us on February 7 2021 and decided to quit on March 9 2022, your work with us will be counted as 14 months; February 7 2021 – March 7 2022 (13 months) + March 8-9 (2 days only but will be counted as one month).

*Separation fees will be counted per one employment period.

*If you resign or change the position to part-time/general and re-apply, your employment length (in months) will be re-counted and your past employment with us will be void and not counted upon your re-employment.

2.5 Examples

Example 1

Teacher James showed great performance within the first month of his employment so he became a Regular Teacher and has 4 regulars and his rate is $8.0 (Starting rate as general regular). He has worked in 25Hoon for 2 years.

He just opens 4 hours a day and work during weekdays only (Very realistic and ideal scenario as a part time job in 25Hoon)

Basic payment : 4 hours X 20 days = 80 hours X $8.5 = $680
Regular Incentive : 4 students = $25 per month

Total = $680 + $25  = $705 

<Expectation Hourly rate for this case is>

1. Basic rate : $705 / 80 hrs = $8.81
2. Expectation separation pay amount by hourly rate is 
(Average monthly amount ($705 X 150%=$1057.5 [2years]) / (80 hrs X 24 months) = $0.55

The hourly rate is for this case is ($8.81+$0.55)=$9.36


Example 2

Teacher James has been with 25Hoon for 3 years and he works as an Advanced Regular teacher and has 8 regular students and his rate is $9.3.

Basic payment : 8 hours X 20 days = 160 hours X $9.3 = $1,488
Regular Incentive : 8 students = $50 per month

Total = $1,488 + $50 = $1,538
Expection Hourly rate is $1,538 / 160 hrs = $9.61


<Expectation Hourly rate for this case is>

1.Basic rate : $1,538/ 160 hrs = $9.61
2.Expectation separation amount by hourly rate is 
(Average monthly amount ($1,538 X 300%= $4,614 [3 years]) / (160 hrs X 36 months) = $0.80

The hourly rate is for this case is ($9.61+$0.80)=$10.41

3 Policies

3.1 Fixed Schedule

You should submit a fixed schedule and the schedule should be the same every week for weekdays. You should open Monday to Friday on weekdays. (We don’t require you to commit and open your schedule on weekends, but you can open it if you want.)

For example:
If you open a 5pm-9pm schedule on November 9-13, then the same schedule should be opened for the next weeks after that.

November 9-13 5pm-9pm
November 16-20 5pm-9pm
November 23-27 5pm-9pm
November 30 – December 4 5pm-9pm
and so on…

NOTE1: This is important because the Customer Service staff will endorse your vacant schedules to the trial students and they will discuss and decide on which time they will book. Therefore, if you suddenly change your schedule, they will have problems with following through the changes which may even result to you (and also the platform) losing a potential student.

For this reason, we do not allow teachers to change their schedules suddenly. Please be mindful of this and please make sure to plot a schedule that you will definitely be able to attend to.

NOTE2: Regarding the need for a schedule change, we strictly require to teachers to give us at least 8 weeks advanced notice, but it’s negotiable depends on the case especially if the slots are un-booked. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a concern about it so we could adjust your schedule accordingly.

If you have to suddenly change your booked slots, remove them, or if your regular student has to change teacher suddenly due to your absences or disappearance, we will charge $1.5 per booking based on the number of classes that are already planned to be booked by your affected for 8 weeks.

1. We remind all regular teachers to please check and fully understand our policies and guidelines on our regular contract especially: Section 8. TERMS AND CANCELLATION.

  1. Regular teachers who fail to get regular students for 3 months would automatically be reverted back to the General Teacher status and, as a result, will not be qualified for the regular teacher rate increase anymore.
  2. You should submit a fixed schedule and the schedule should be the same every week for weekdays. You should open Monday to Friday on weekdays. Once it’s submitted, you can’t suddenly change it or suddenly resign from it. You are required to give us 8 weeks advanced notice.

3.2 Support bond

In line with an emphasis on mutual trust, the company also expects its teachers to show their commitment by being responsible and accountable to their designated tasks and schedule.

25Hoon fully supports our Regular Teachers and prioritizes them to have regular students. The overall performance is evaluated and endorsed to potential students. If we don’t support Regular Teachers, teachers definitely won’t have any regular students. So, if there are sudden schedule changes or employment changes from Regular Teachers, our ongoing consultations with potential and current regular students are disrupted and it affects us much.

Because of this, we are introducing a Support Bond System wherein the company will deduct and accumulate 8.33% from your monthly payment to ensure that you will commit to work responsibly for the company.

This amount will be set aside and will be returned to the teacher once the time is right and if they fully follow the conditions. Rest assured that the teacher will get the full amount of what was accumulated in three ways:

  1. Every December 
  2. Upon proper resignation and rendering; an 8-week resignation notice and rendering is necessary.
  3. Upon proper transitioning the position back to General Teacher; this is if a teacher needs to step down from the Regular Teacher position due to not being able to maintain students or if they cannot commit a fixed schedule anymore.

Therefore, should the teacher decide to leave the company or change their committed time slots or revert their position to General Teacher, they should inform us at least 8 weeks ahead of time.

Otherwise, the accumulated support bond will no longer be returned.

This is non-negotiable as sudden changes or resignations without proper notice will cause damages to your regular students and to the company.

4 How to be promoted an advanced regular?

Here are the conditions needed in order for General Regular Teachers to be promoted to an Advanced Regular position:

  1. Must have at least 12 regular students
  2. Super good Internet connection and headset device
  3. Needs to attend and pass all training sessions
  4. High retention rate of your current regulars
  5. Super good attendance record
  6. Working with us for at least 6-months
  7.  30 hours plotted regular schedule every week

*Plus good recommendation letters from the TS and CS team.

5 Summary about the benefits

1. Very High and Stable booking rates. It gives you more stable booking rates and as a result, a higher income as well.
2. You can observe your regular students’ English skills improvement.
3. No need to worry about the vacant slots because your slots are almost fully booked by your regulars.
4. There is a separation pay system.
5. Immediate response from TS team.

25Hoon’s payment system is one of the best conditions among Online ESL companies now.

Including our incentives (Regular Student bonus and separation pay plus Hourly Rate Increase), if you are a General Regular Teacher, you will be receiving around $4.0 per hour.
If you are an Advanced Regular Teacher, you will be receiving around $4.5 per hour.

We encourage everyone to please take their time to read, fully understand, and compute all conditions stated in this Regular Teacher Manual and compare it with the previous one before agreeing with the Regular Teacher Contract.

Payment method

Full time teachers or teachers we’ve worked with in the past for over 300 classes in a month can receive their payment through international wire transfer with US dollar bank account option if they prefer. Otherwise, all payments, teachers will be sent through PayPal.
The minimum amount for payment must be above US$50. PayPal payment under US$50 will accumulate until it is over US$50. 

For Paypal users

*For first (ever) transfers, Paypal hold the transferred money for verification; this usually lasts up 3 to 21 days.
*If you are not a first time Paypal user and you experience having your salary held, please contact us so we could assist you better.
For international payments or bank/wired transfers:

International remittance takes some days to process. We always send out the salary on the 15th but, sometimes, you have to wait a couple of days for it to get into your local accounts.

*Paypal takes their transfer commission from both the company and the receiver. When we send out your salary, the company already takes responsibility for the sending commission. As for the receiving commission, please check it on your Paypal account (according to their website they usually take 4.4%+$0.3).

NOTE: Please refrain from asking the Teacher Support/Payroll Team regarding the Paypal Commission because it is already out of our jurisdiction.

For International Wire Transfers

The minimum amount for bank or wire transfers must be above US$600.

International wire transfer fees are usually shouldered by the company.

However, any additional bank transfer fees (receiver’s commission) must be borne by the receiver. It may different depends on the bank. Approximately, it will be US$25-US$30. 

1. If you have any inquires about the payment conditions, please email at

2. If you have any inquires about the rules, please contact TS team via Skype.

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