Daily Narrative Report System

Regular teachers are required to submit daily student progress reports.

This will be shared with your regular student’s parent.

*You must fill out all the needed information in the feedback sheet.

1. You should input the pages and units they were able to cover for both the text book and the work book.

A. Date
B. Class start and end time
C. Book
D. Student Book
E. Work Book
F. Remark : if your student was absent, just remark : absent

If your student doesn’t use Oxford, you can record like this.

2. Every Friday, you should write a detailed Weekly Progress Report.
– Please describe the general output of the classes.

For example:

Ann was able to be attentive the entire week and she did all her homeworks. Also, her speaking skills are improving and he was able to learn lots of words this week. We were able to finished Units 1 and 2 this week and I plan to correct her pronunciation and sentences more next week.

3. Teachers are required to allot at least 6 classes per unit (for both the main book and work book).

* We recommend alloting 6-8 classes per unit for more thorough and detailed lessons.

4. After finishing a unit, prepare a quiz for your student and check well if your student really understood the lessons in the unit.

5. After finishing 9 units, schedule an exam with your student.

For example:

Unit 1-9 > Exam > unit10-18 > Exam > start the next book and upgrade to the next level (each book level has 18 units).

If you have further questions, please contact TS team via Skype