1. Payment & Incentives for General Teachers

1. Payment & Incentives for General Teachers

This contains general information on how teachers get paid.

Teacher’s Rate & Payment Page

Teacher’s rate is 3 US dollars per hour.
Teachers can check their pay slip through e-mail

1.1 Incentive for General Teachers

Whether it is a weekday, a weekend, or a national holiday, a teacher can schedule classes as much as they can. The more classes a teacher accomplishes, the more their salary can grow. Listed below is a table of salary incentives:



Teacher James has conducted more than 1,000 classes. His hourly wage is $3.1 per hour.

Teacher James : 6 hours X 20 days = 120 hours  = $372 (Around 18K Pesos)

1.2 Payment Issuance

Teacher payments are credited on the 15th of every month. For example, payment for work done in January 1 to January 30 will be credited on February 15. Payment for work done on February 1 to February 28 will be credited on March 15, and so on.
If the day of payment falls on a Saturday, Sunday, Holiday or any day wherein the amount Service Fees cannot be given, the payment of service fees will be made on the next working or business day.

Payment method

All payments, teachers will be sent through PayPal.
The minimum amount for payment must be above US$50. PayPal payment under US$50 will accumulate until it is over US$50. 

For Paypal users

*For first (ever) transfers, Paypal hold the transferred money for verification; this usually lasts up 3 to 21 days.
*If you are not a first time Paypal user and you experience having your salary held, please contact us so we could assist you better.
For international payments or bank/wired transfers:

International remittance takes some days to process. We always send out the salary on the 15th but, sometimes, you have to wait a couple of days for it to get into your local accounts.

*Paypal takes their transfer commission from both the company and the receiver. When we send out your salary, the company already takes responsibility for the sending commission. As for the receiving commission, please check it on your Paypal account (according to their website they usually take 4.4%+$0.3).

NOTE: Please refrain from asking the Teacher Support/Payroll Team regarding the Paypal Commission because it is already out of our jurisdiction.

For International wire transfers

The minimum amount for bank or wire transfers must be above US$600. International wire transfer fees are usually shouldered by the company. However, any additional bank transfer fees(receiver’s commission) must be borne by the receiver. It may different depends on the bank. Approximately, it will be US$20-US$30. 

How to apply for a PayPal account for Philippine teachers

To apply for a PayPal account in the Philippines:

Step 1: Create a PayPal account
Step 2: Link your bank account to your PayPal account. Many Philippine banks support PayPal such as BDO, BPI, UnionBank, UniBank, PNB, RCBC, and more. 
Step 3: Request to withdraw PayPal funds
Step 4: Input withdrawal amount and choose preferred bank account
Step 5: Review and confirm

There is no minimum transfer amount for PayPal. You can only choose one payment method in PayPal. It cannot be changed after completion, so please choose carefully.

For further inquiries, contact the Payroll Team directly at payroll@25hoon.com.

Note 1 : Please refrain from asking the Teacher Support Skype about the payment.

Note 2 : Please do not ask about the specific time that when will you get the payment on the payment day. Payroll team will not reply to this inquiry on the payment day.