Below are some basic manners an online teacher must practice:


Make sure on time

First impressions are important! Punctuality should be practiced during the whole lesson.
Teachers are required to join the classroom at least 3 minutes before the schedule. They should check all their equipment and upload the materials in advance before starting the class.

Greet the student

If it’s the first time the teacher and student are meeting each other, they should naturally exchange introductions. By doing this, the student can become comfortable and ready to learn. If the student requested to skip the introduction, just start the lesson naturally without it.

Adjust to the student’s comprehension level

Speak slowly and enunciate words properly to help the student understand.
Rephrase and simplify sentences if they are having a difficult time with vocabulary or sentence structure.

Follow the pace of the student

There are times when a student would like to talk about a certain topic and other times when a student would let the teacher decide. It is essential to know what the student would like to do in class. Simply ask them what topic they wish to discuss, what kind of class they want, or what they want to learn more about. If the student is hesitant, recommend some topics that will interest them and are suitable for their English level.

Follow the pace of the student

From time to time, ask the student if they have any questions.
Answer them clearly and effectively if there are words, phrases, or idioms that they may not understand.
The teacher can have online references as long as they still explain it with their own words.

Correct student’s mistakes

Establish a friendly space of learning when having a class so students can be eager to learn. Be encouraging when correcting and let them know that making mistakes is normal. Be mindful not to over-correct or use harsh language.

Use appropriate examples

Use examples that can encourage the students. Try to avoid sensitive topics to avoid misunderstandings.

Use the chat box effectively

When the student asks about certain words or sentences, make sure to type it in the chat box for their reference.Send helpful pictures and materials as well to diversify the teaching strategies.

Be a good conversationalist

Students who enjoy the company of their teachers will be more open to speaking English and will be more likely to book lessons again.

Be friendly

Try to build a comfortable environment in your classes; this is to ensure that the students will be relaxed in learning and speaking with you. The best teachers help their student by being like a friend to them.


Be polite to the students

Practice courtesy and professionalism all the time.
Teachers are not required to use honorifics but, in some cases, students may ask teachers to do so in their requests.



Build a student’s self-confidence by helping them develop their strengths, complimenting their improvements, and encouraging them to use English in their everyday life so they can improve further day by day.

Keep a 30% speak and 70% listen rule

Veteran teachers don’t talk too much during a lesson. They just support and encourage the student to speak and express themselves more. One common mistake is explaining too much without giving much consideration to the student. If a teacher speaks too much, the student will lose their interest in the class.

End the class naturally

Avoid ending the lesson abruptly once class time is up. Be mindful of the time wrap up the lesson and  say goodbye to your student properly. Students should always be the one to leave the classroom first; guide them in doing this.