3. Checking student’s request

3.Checking student’s request

Before starting, the teacher must check the student’s requests on the booking details. You can find it in the Teacher’s dashboard : Bookings – View details.
The following are common requests that students may input:

Text book

They can choose any unit from the material categories.
Prepare the material that the student requested.
NOTE : Free Talk option is a discussion with any topic; there is no official material for Free Talk.


Please introduce first: Start the class with a simple and brief introduction.


Please immediately correct my pronunciation and grammar mistakes.
Please focus on our conversation first, then, if have mistakes, please correct me after.

Special Request

Some students may write special requests and the teacher should be able to accommodate them as much as possible.

Students may also change the topics and materials mid-class.
In such a case, the teacher should adjust to them and guide them accordingly.